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Kitty Icon Contest

kitty icontest

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Icontest for those who love cats and kittens
about.*EDIT - April 10, 2008* The first NEW kitty_icontest challenge will be posted on Tuesday, April 22nd at around 5PM. Please participate!

at the moment this community is a work in progress. we used to have a lot of members and a lot of active members at that. however, over time the activity has dwindled down and the community has been passed from person to person until it finally came back to me, the original maintainer and creator. please bear with me while i get it back up and running.

this community is an icon contest for people who love cats and kittens of all types. some of the challenges are free for all where you can use any photograph, but there are other rules and then some have specific photos that must be used in your icon. enjoy!

entry rules.
*you may enter up to 4 icons per challenge*
*your icon must meet livejournal standards*(100px X 100px and 40kb or under)
*you may use any effects unless otherwise specified*
*you may use only the provided photos unless otherwise specified*
*do not post your icons anywhere else until the challenge is over*
*post your icons in a comment to the challenge post*


Sunday: None
Monday: Icons due at 5:00PM EST and Voting posted by 9:00PM EST.
Tuesday: New challenge posted between 5:00PM and 9:00PM EST
Wednesday: None
Thursday: Voting ends at 5:00PM and results are posted by 9:00PM.
Friday: None
Saturday: None

(If you are not in Eastern Time you can: Check the Time)

general rules.

*no cheating*
*do not tell your friends which icons are yours*
*no drama*
*do not vote for your own icons*
*be nice*
*no not use any icons without the makers permission*

frequently asked questions.*Coming Soon*
Click here for the community FAQ

contribute photos.*Coming Soon*

Click here if you have any photos to contribute for use in the challenges.

promote our community.*Coming Soon*

The icons below are for your use to promote the community. Just copy the text from the box below the icon and paste it into your profile or any journal entry for the icon to show up and link back to this community.

banner makers.Right now we do not have any banner makers. if you would like to be a banner maker for this community please comment on any post.

moderators/maintainers.The Maintainer of this community is:
lj: tearingpassion
e-mail: aabancroft at gmail dot com
aim: tearingpassion
yahoo: sara_sub73
msn: lexsgustopher at hotmail dot com

Please feel free to contact me about anything at any of the above methods.

affiliates.Please click here
if you would like to be added as an affiliate.

*Coming Soon*

Here is out current list of affiliates:

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